Flexo Inks

  •  Water Based flexo Inks Rich in Colour, to be used on Paper, Glossy / Matt finish.

Screen Inks

  • Oil Based Glossy / Matt Inks for Paper, Gas Cylinder or Metal surfaces.
  • Solvent Based PVC Inks, Glossy / Matt finish Inks for Paper, Metal, Plastics.
  • Plastisol Inks – Oil Based / Water Based very flexible, slow drying, good adhesion on cotton and polyester cloth.  Print cure fusing tested with hot water tumble wash and flexible.


  • Cloth tape, Rubber Adhesives coated on both side with Paper or Polyester Liner very high tack and peel strength used as flexo Rubber stereo to cylinder can be reused for 4/5 application.
  • Single side water Based Adhesive coated on cotton cloth used for Electrical Insulation for Industries Transformers and Automobile Industries without any releasing liners. Tapes are available in Black, Red, Blue, & White colors available for 15mm width to 300mm length from  50 mt to any Length.
  • Polyester / BOPP Coated with Rubber Based Adhesive / Solvent Based Adhesive available in single side coated and Double side coated and any size.


  • Water Based Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Used for Screen Application & Roller application for stick Rolls with high tack.
  • Solvent Based Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) are used for Machine application for foam foil, Masking Tissue, etc. Tapes have very high tack & have long testing Pressure Sensitive results.
  • Rubber Based Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) for very high tack tapes like Cloth, Polyester & BOPP and Paper.

Poly Urethane Coating

  •  We Manufacture 2 Pack POLYURETHANE COATING Sprayable Viscosity and any colors for any substrate like FRP/ABS/Metal.

Metal Decorating Coating

  •  Ready usable Primer top coating in any colours & high gloss varnish these coating have to be coated with help of Rollers and stoved @ 150ºc /160ºc for 15 min. These coatings for Tin cans like Paint containers with FDR approval vinyl.

Aluminium Cap Coating

  • Very flexible based or Modified Vinyl coatings ready to used for Aluminum sheets. Coatings are VY Size / VY White / VY/ Acrylic Varnish Stoving Schedule 150ºC for 15 min. coating is high gloss very flexible for an ordinary draw or deep draw caps.